Male Population on the Rise on Pinterest

Pinterest was traditionally believed to be a female-centric social media site. The percentage of women on the site was believed to be around 70-80. The site holds a huge collection of recipe pictures, craft and decoration ideas and as such was more appealing to the female population. Pinterest has,however, recently revealed that men are more showing an interest to the content of the site accounting for around 33% of all sign-up.

Pinterest has also confirmed that the number of active male users on the site has doubled in the past year. They have however not provided any confirmation as per the total amount of active users per month. An interesting fact is that in emerging markets, Pinterest is receiving a more evenly distributed gender demography of visitors. In countries such as India, Japan and Korea, the percentage of male users is at 50.

All these information were shared at an engineering event in Pinterest’s office in San Francisco this month. The site has over 30 billion “pins” and is experiencing a steady growth in that number by 25% every three months. 75% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Pinterest’s recent Guided Search service is promoting searches on the site by a 25% increase. The site could rise to be a visual search engine for products.

This holds an importance to web marketers, especially if their products are male-centric. Pinterest was often a neglected resource when it comes to digital marketing. The situation might now change with its rising male demography and Guided Search services.