Important SEO foundations

There is supposedly more than 200 signals part of the Google algorithm. It would require a lot of time and money to ensure compliance will all the known signals. The most productive and practical approach would be to look at the most critical elements. There are two types of critical SEO tasks. The first is content based SEO that looks at the quality and engagement levels of the content. The other is technical SEO. Let’s look at the two most important technical SEO aspects that could even affect the ranking of the best content:

Mobile issues:

The site needs to fit on a mobile screen, load fast enough and be free of any mobile rendering errors. With the launch of the mobile-first index on the horizon, optimizing for mobile is more important than ever.

Even the content should be optimized for mobile. Buttons should be large enough as a touch target; content should be in smaller chunks and alignment of elements is critical. Also, intrusive popups on entry have already been penalized so avoid anything that can affect the user experience.


Page speed is more important than ever. Now that Google has announced that page speed will be ranking factor for the mobile index, it has become one of the most important factors to focus on. This should be done anyway, as studies have shown that sites that load faster complete more sales. According to Google, the typical mobile page takes 22 seconds to load. The attention span of the average web surfer is three seconds, so this can lead to a lot of lost traffic.