How to establish your presence online

By now you probably have a website for your company. A lot of work has gone into fine tuning the content and on page SEO and now you need to address the other big requirement of being online: Social Media.

The first step is to get on the three main social networks. That would be Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Facebook page for your company is extremely important as a lot of Facebook users, first check on the social network for your company when searching.

The importance of the LinkedIn presence will depend on whether companies in your category share a lot information in the space or if you are looking to hire regularly. Still you will need a basic presence.

A Twitter account is another basic necessity to reach specific types of people. Technology, News and Health are good reasons to be on Twitter.

Once you have the big three networks, then you need to claim your company’s account name on as many networks as possible. On the larger networks, you will need to be able to start promoting your company whenever the need arises, for that a long term account on those will be important. On the smaller networks, claiming your company’s name can also avoid misrepresentation and fraud.

The easy part is done. Now you can focus on figuring out which network to start promoting your content and company.