Google’s New Mobile Search Design Can Now Be Tested

Google is known to be frequently testing out new user interfaces, whether on mobile or desktop platforms. The search engine giant’s most recent user interface test pertains to the redesign of the mobile search results and a second test has been carried out on a query refinement box. The new algorithm tests would be affecting both mobile and desktop interfaces. These would be effective in bringing a new look to results from mobile searches and a new feature, the “people also ask” box would aim to generate relevant queries that were used by visitors. These new launches were spotted as from the beginning of May. The new design on the mobile search is quite different from the previous one. The new look resembles more of a desktop version of the search engine and has integrated various features to make it more responsive.

The other major feature being tested is the People Also Ask box. This box acts as a related search feature, aiming to help people find better results and helping Google in their perpetual objective to bring faster and more accurate information to its users. The new box will provide alternative and relevant search queries in case the user has not properly typed the initial query.

This new feature is crucial from an SEO point of view since it will further help in the optimization of keywords found not only on the initial search results but also on the People Also Ask box. Webmasters might want to watch out for competitive keywords as well.