Kick Off 2017 With Strategies to Success for Yelp and Google

yelp-googleSean Garrity of DealCrunch recently sat with Pierre Zarokian, the CEO of Submit Express, to discuss new techniques for reputation management and online marketing. 2016 saw Google bringing even more updates to its robust ranking algorithm, and small businesses should stay up to date with this knowledge if they hope to succeed.

Who is Submit Express?

Pierre started the company back in 1998, with the goal to help other businesses reach the top of Google. At the time, SEO was new and it was an intriguing way to draw in-store traffic from the World Wide Web. Today, Pierre works with businesses to improve marketing and sales efforts for restaurants, major distributors across the United States, and big brand names.

Reviews and Web Presence

In 2017, Pierre suggests that companies who want to succeed are going to have to focus on developing a Web presence online. For restaurants, that means good Yelp scores. For retailers, that means lots of reviews and multiple points of contact. Submit Express recommends that businesses first claim all social profiles, and then work on improving the quality of search presence online.

Here are some of the services the company focuses on with new clients:

  • Review Monitoring: The first step in improving your Yelp and Google scores is monitoring your feedback in real time. If you have happy or angry customers, you should know what you’re doing right/wrong as soon as possible so you can make the necessary adjustments.
  • New Reviews: targeted campaigns allow you to funnel positive feedback to Yelp, and turn negatives into positive experiences handled through your feedback system.
  • Search Marketing: Submit Express continues to be an industry leader in search marketing.

If you want to learn about these strategies in-depth, check out the write-up from DealCrunch.