Google announces AMP for Email

In addition to the new “AMP Stories” format, Google is experimenting with AMP for Email. Available under Gmail Developer Preview, AMP for Email enables developers to use the AMP framework for content within the email client. Google sees three benefits when using AMP for Email:

Content that is kept up-to-date in real-time – Since AMP pulls data in real-time from the cloud, when a user opens an email with AMP content he will see the latest version of that content. It fixes one of the biggest issues with email, which is stale content.

The ability for recipients to browse and interact with content – Email is a great medium, but lacks any kind of interactivity. Similar to AMP Stores, users will be able to interact with content in the message, increasing engagement.

Users getting more done in less time without having to leave email – Another great way to increase engagement.

The announcement included a good example: For example, say an external contractor wants to schedule a meeting with you but can’t see your calendar, so they send an email to get information on which dates and times you’re available. Within the email is a form to coordinate details. Thanks to AMP for Email, you can respond interactively through the form without having to click a link and redirect to another webpage. AMP for Email could also help you get more done in less time by allowing you to quickly RSVP to events, browse and interact with listings and campaigns, or fill out a questionnaire without ever leaving email.

Companies like Pinterest,, and Doodle are testing AMP for Email ahead of the official inclusion in Gmail later in 2018.