Ripoff Report Removal: Your Options Explained

The website “Ripoff Report” allows anonymous users to complain about a business, individual or organization. It allows for users to attach proof, and its complaints tend to rank well in search. This can be a major problem for businesses trying to compete in search for new customers. Here are some tips for RipoffReport post removal and reputation repair from

Social Media

Claim your brand’s profiles on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the niche social networks like Pinterest or Daily Motion. This way, your brand’s name claims more real estate and you can control the messaging. This also pushes negative content lower.

Request Removal

Ripoff Report does not typically respond to removal requests, and US laws protect them for hosting this content because they did not write it. However, they do have an arbitration program. It’s not recommended by most reputation professionals, but it is an option.


If any of the content up for debate is content you own, then you can file a DMCA takedown request to have your copyrighted content removed. Even if Ripoff Report doesn’t comply, Google will remove your content.

Court Ordered Removals

When you sue John Doe, there is no one to defend against the lawsuit. There are some legal strategies that will allow you to acquire a default judgment, which few websites can deny compliance for. This is a solid and time tested strategy.

Consult a reputation Management Firm

Some firms specialize in reputation management, and can assist in the removal of these types of post.