How to increase b2b traffic in a short period

Everyone should know by now that SEO is a long-term strategy. Short term tactics that boost ranking tend to get shut down by search engines fast and faster. However, using a few proven tactics, you can generate additional growth for your b2b site in rankings, traffic, and links with a few techniques.

The first step is to analyze competitive content. Compare the content of your competitor’s sites with your current content. The plan is to identify gaps in content and keywords that we can use. Often, we look at keywords and niche‚Äôs but fail to take advantage of low hanging fruit. Just a quick glance at a report will show you pages that have backlink opportunities and potential for additional content.

Next, look at expanding topics on the site to create more potential for backlinks. Many brands and sites focus too much on their specific niche for on-site content. When you broaden the topic a little, the potential for content creation increases significantly.

Another technique that pays dividends is targeted content creation. You can use keyword analysis, or the content gaps from the first step to identify keywords to target. However, the content should be best-in-class. At present, Google shows a preference for long-form content that is in-depth, contains rich media like videos and infographics and has a single overarching topical focus.

To recap, the strategy is to identify and cover gaps in both content and keyword coverage and do so with high-quality best-in-class content that users will share and link.