How to Create Your Own Wikipedia Page

Summary: Creating a Wikipedia page for your brand or business can bring a substantial amount of traffic as well as other perks.

A Wikipedia page can bring an immense amount of publicity to your company, small business, or even yourself (if you just so happen to make a name for yourself).

One of the many questions that people ask is how do you actually create a Wikipedia page?

There are certainly plenty of conditions that you have to keep in mind during the entire process – and it’s certainly not easy. This guide is designed to walk you through the steps so you get a solid understanding of what it takes to create your own page.

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Perform a Substantial Amount of Research

Prior to doing anything with Wikipedia, you’ll need to research well. Learn the basics of what Wikipedia allows and doesn’t allow before writing any content. This will ensure that your page won’t be deleted or sent back after you’ve submitted it for review.

Create an Account

While it’s somewhat obvious, you’ll need to be a registered user to edit any Wikipedia articles or pages, as well as to create a page of your own. It’s important that you do no use any fake names or try any sneaky tactics to avoid drawing attention to yourself – you’re just wasting your time.

Edit and Revise

Before you create your own page, start small by doing some minor edits or changes to existing pages. Remember, by participating in the editing process, your activity will be registered on your profile. However, don’t just change anything you see thinking it’ll impact your account. Make logical changes and participate as much as you possibly can – within reason of course. Furthermore, if Wikipedia starts noticing a positive trend on your account, you’ll be given access to additional features such as uploading images or moving pages to a public space.


Sources are one the most important pieces of the entire Wikipedia puzzle. Everything that you write is verified. After all, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a free medium for you to show off your product or services. You’ll need online material like articles, websites, or video to substantiate the information that you wrote. This is extremely important. Brands that do not have much offline presence will not only make it difficult for you to find reputable sources to quote from, but the likelihood of you obtaining a page of your own is slim to none.