The simplest method of using inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is currently the most effective method of marketing in the digital age. The old methods of outbound marketing involved buying the exposure, which leads to product sales. Missing from that calculus was product and brand loyalty. With inbound marketing, content is the draw. Since the content is hosted internally (usually on a blog) and is branded, there is higher brand recognition. Here is a quick systematic guide to applying this method:

Content – None of the following steps matter without quality content that potential customers will find useful. For example, if a company that marketed cleaning products were to create content, the most relevant would be comprehensive cleaning guides that used their own products.

Market – Inbound marketing exists because of two channels that did not exist: Search engines and social media. SEO and social sharing alone provides enough traffic for a business to garner sufficient leads. Quality content makes this step much easier.

Convert – This is the hardest part. It requires constant experimentation and should feed back to the content creation phase. Figuring out what drives a market segment to purchase products is time-consuming but ultimately very rewarding. When there in insufficient conversion, make gradual changes and measure the impact of those changes.

This is a simple method of looking at how inbound marketing works. Even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of the opportunities we have thanks to search engines and social media.