Step-by-step system for getting rankings in Google

seoscape DecEvery webmaster or blogger should have a system in place for content creation and ranking those pages in Google. There is evidence that sites that update more frequently has a fresh content association with their site. Here is a three-step process that any webmaster can use to getting content out there and ranking well.

Step 1 – keyword research

No system will be complete without the research component. There needs to be a reason for writing each article and keyword research can provide the best titles to target. Don’t limit yourself to a single tool. If possible, combine the data from multiple tools to identify the best articles to write that will have the most potential for traffic and ranking.

Step 2- content calendar

There are advantages to planning out when each item of content should be published. To take advantage of this, plan out a content calendar with all the posts you want to write from the previous step. This way seasonal trends can also be taken into consideration when looking at the keywords. Think about how quickly content can be produced and have a realistic target.

Step 3 – create the content

The final step is to create the content according to the calendar. Write as much as possible whenever you can. Writing articles that are ahead on the calendar will mean that when there is a life emergency, there is sufficient slack to keep the content on track. A structured approach to writing will also see improvements in the quality of writing as it is more consistent.