4 Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing Templates

While being creative and original works wonders for marketing, there are times when it is totally unnecessary.

This is why it is better to use email marketing templates as it provides all the necessary elements of a marketing message.

Some of these include a header image, footer, list of ideas or articles, calls-to-action and a color scheme.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use email marketing templates:

1: Speed

Since creative design requires so much time as there are multiple layers to construct, its just a lot faster using an email template. This is because the latter can take hours or even months to complete. For the latter, almost all the work is already done.


2: Inexpensive

Most designers will charge $25 to $50 for their services. In fact, just to finish one project with the final layout, you will have to spend at least $1500. This might be alright with some of your campaigns but to pay this much for a basic message in your monthly newsletter is a waste of money.

3: Continuity

People recognize your brand through your message. This is why it is important for your message to be consistent. Take for example, McDonalds whose brand is recognized everywhere. How you do the same is by using a single template for all your messages. The elements have to remain the same to such as logo placement, color scheme apart from familiar marketing copy.

4: Easy to use

Using templates that are very easy to use hardly describes how difficult it was to write all that HTML code. But you can be sure that the templates deliver your message leaving you with very easy and little work to do.