Could you get a post removed from

By Pierre Zarokian from

Your reputation is important, especially if your one of the millions who are out of work and looking for a job. You may be one Google search away from employment, so you don’t want sites like creating problems for you. Sites like TheDirty prey on people who think the problem will just go away. Even if you’re not familiar with TheDirty, the site is large and their entries stick. It’s a problem you need to be proactive in dealing with.

The Communications Decency Act

Nik Richie, the owner of thedirty, got his start posting dirt on people in his local area. The idea was that he’d expose scammers and bad boyfriends and girlfriends to save other people the trouble. Unfortunately, TheDirty quickly became a hotbed of gossip and Richie is now a pop celebrity of sorts. Because he posts third party content, and typically leaves that content unaltered, he is protected by the Communications Decency Act. This is the same act that gives you the right to post content online, except TheDirty is the dark side of this privilege.

Fixing the Damage

There are two ways to fix the damage done. The first is to get the posting removed, but TheDirty does not respond to email requests. This can leave many people frustrated. It’s also not as simple as sending a DMCA takedown notice to Nik Richie, as these go ignored. My company is able to legally get thedirty reviews removed and we guarantee full removal of a posting under certain conditions. The good news is, many people who find themselves victims of TheDirty easily meet these conditions.

The final steps are to repair your reputation, establish your profile and rebuild your brand. For more details go to