4 Ways to Present Your Business Message in a Human Manner on Facebook

Article by Fix Bad Reputation.

For 1.4 billion of its users, Facebook is where they spend most of their time. One can talk to their friends. They can read the latest news too.

In other words, Facebook is the Internet. Especially for those who access it through smartphones.

So, businesses should present their message in this medium in a human way too. That said, here are 4 recommendations on how businesses can do this:

1: Focus on Customer Service Too

Most of your Facebook marketing efforts won’t translate into sales. Even if it does happen, it will be a small percentage of them. Don’t look at it only as a sales & marketing channel. Think about using it for customer service too. You can even use Facebook Messenger to hold real-time conversations with your customers.

2: Use Humor

Humor and funny stories is what attracts Facebook users. Feel free to share posts that incorporates humor. Whether it is an anecdote, image or a funny story, use it. That said, ensure that it stays true with your business’ culture.

3: Feature Customers

There are several ways by which you can feature customers on Facebook. You can post pictures of them using your product. A customer of week series should work too. Praising them on Facebook is an excellent idea too. Finally, testimonials from them can build trust and brand reputation.

4: Talk About Your Support of Charitable Causes

If your business supports charitable causes, make sure you share it in a post. In particular, ensure that you post pictures of all employees participating in the event. Millennials, in particular, appreciate it if a business supports charitable causes.


Link: http://webmarketingtoday.com/articles/8-Ways-to-Make-Your-Business-More-%E2%80%98Human%E2%80%99-on-Facebook/