Why local businesses need to focus on SEO

Article provided by RepEngage.

Local businesses do not always consider investing in web marketing tools in the same way as online businesses do. This is detrimental for their businesses as they should be making the most of technology in their marketing strategy.

A recent report from Google has shown the rising importance of mobile technologies for local businesses. Up to 50 percent of people who search for local stores from their smartphones end up physically visiting the store they found online within 24 hours. As for tablet and desktop users, 34 percent of them will end up visiting a store they have searched online within the same day. These figures demonstrate the importance for local businesses of optimizing their sites for local searches.

While online shopping might be convenient in several circumstances, many products such as furniture still require that the shopper make it to the store to judge the quality, color and other aspects of the product before making a final purchase. Coming up at the top of local searches in search engines could bring the client base you are looking to attract.

It is the details and useful information provided by your business’s website that would make it stand out in search results. The customers should be attracted to visit your store in person by already receiving the information that you would be able to provide the product they are looking for. Details that should be mentioned are the items for sale and your exact location.

However small your business is, optimizing for local searches might prove beneficial and therefore worth any SEO investment that you would be willing to get into.

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