How to Get an Instagram Verification, and How to Tell if You Qualify

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While blue check marks that show that an account has been verified are quite common on Twitter, you rarely saw them on Instagram, even on accounts belonging to famous people. However, this is expected to change soon, as the social networking site is now making it simpler for users to apply for verification.

How to Start the Verification Process

First, navigate to the “Settings” menu in your account and find an option that says “Request Verification.” You’ll then have to upload documents for verification, like a passport, ID card or driver’s license. For companies and organizations, you can submit various other documents, such as utility bills, articles of incorporation or tax filings. These documents will be used to process your request, but won’t be shown publicly on your profile. Once your documents are submitted, you’ll receive a notification as to whether you’ve been approved or rejected within a few days.

Do You Qualify for Verification?

The social network only verifies accounts that it deems authentic, unique, complete and notable. This means that the account must represent a real person or entity, verification is limited to a single account and your account must be complete, meaning that it has a filled out bio, profile photo and at least one post.

Another requirement is that your account must have enough “notability.” This generally means that you must be a person or brand that is well-known and highly searched for online. The social network has explained that it commonly verifies accounts that have been featured in the news regularly, but that paid inclusion or advertisements don’t count.

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